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About the Company

For over 40 years, Clarkes Power Tong Service has been providing tubular running services to the oil & gas industry. We specialize in casing and tubing work primarily in Alberta and Western Saskatchewan. With new ownership in 2005, Clarkes continues to build on that solid foundation with an equal amount of new strength and energy. Progressive initiatives combined with an extensive maintenance and new equipment purchase program have ensured that Clarkes is at the forefront of the industry. Whether conventional oil and gas, tight shale or SAGD programs, we have the experience and equipment to get it done right.

Not just power tongs... in addition to power tongs, integral tongs, handling, circulating, and all of the equipment used in our traditional business of running tubulars, Clarkes also owns the equipment and provides a number of complimentary services that include: Volant Casing Running Tools, All Torque Wireless Computer Torque Monitoring Sub, Threadwashing and Thread Supervision. The mechanical CRT\'s have 4.5 ”to 20” OD capabilities and are utilized on ADR Super Single rigs to perform the complete job of running and pulling casing; and/or conventional top drive double and triple rigs to fill, circulate and push casing in combination with power tongs for making up the casing.

Our personnel and fully equipped power tong trucks and CRT\'s are located throughout Alberta and Western Saskatchewan. Temporary and permanent relocation based on the ideal place to be based from for a project, is always accommodated. All locations are dispatched through our Calgary office which is contacted 24 hours a day.

Whether we provide all of our available services or a single service in combination with other service providers, Clarkes Power Tong Service is serious about doing it right and takes pride in providing safe, reliable and quality service to our valued customers!


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